Can you do it all

Sometimes, even if you want to, it is cheaper for someone else to do the job instead of you.
You must learn to let go.

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Calling all entrepreneurs & business advisers! We need you to spare a couple of hrs to take part in the #StartUpTour

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Setting up a limited company

I would who has had the best experience with company formation agents. I have had good and bad experiences. Share with everyone who you found best!!

From WordPress To Twitter

Hoping to post from WordPress to twitter. Let us see what happens

You don’t have to take your clothes off

Or even be in the same room. A business can be made form anywhere. Just as we have people who work from home and interact with other peole so a business can be run the same way.

Make it a challenge

First post today asked who is up for a challenge.  It seems anywhere but the UK it seems a person can have a business idea but it will take for ever to get it off the ground.  I believe it can be done quicker, smoother and easier.  What are your thoughts can it, could you, will you?

How quick can you make money

Who would be up for a challenge. From concept to profit. How quickly can it be done?

Have you got a small business

What do you do?

Next step

Pick a card any card

3 day week

Here in the UK we have a 3 day week this week. Would you like a 3 day week every week? I would. Automation may allow you to have just that, setting up your business to work for you can give you the time you need to do other things that escape you otherwise.

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